Where’s My Mommy?

My New Book!

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal

Pre S—This charming farm tale provides the reassurance children want and need. Little Kitty wakes from her nap to find that her mother is not there. As she goes looking for her, the kitten runs into a calf who advises her to call “moo, moo, moo.” Of course, that brings a cow. The same happens when she asks a piglet, duckling, and colt and they try to help with “oinks,” “quacks,” and “neighs.” A sad Little Kitty curls up and meows quite loudly, which brings her mother “running as quick as a wink.” Little Kitty now knows just how to call for her. Endearing illustrations done in acrylics steal the show. The animals’ expressions exhibit joy, curiosity, and wonder. The farm scenes exude warmth. This picture book is perfect for storytime, as children will love chiming in and will delight in the reunion of parent and child. Well done.—Anne Beier, Hendrick Hudson Free Library, Montrose, NY


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